What is the store API key?

Posted in General by Michael Wiley Mon Feb 23 2015 00:02:34 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 1,287 times

I'm trying to write some PHP that allows iThemes Exchange for WordPress to integrate with ShippingEasy's API. That way any order made from the site will automatically transfer over to ShippingEasy as an order. I'm having issues with this line: $order = new ShippingEasy_Order($store_api_key, $values); In this instance, what should the $store_api_key be? Because in the examples it is not the same as the application's API key. Thank you.
Michael Wiley
Feb 23, 2015

I figured this one out...

The $store_api_key is a store specific value that can only be found by logging in to your shippingeasy account. Go to "Settings", and then "Stores & Orders". If you're intended store is not active, set up a new store by clicking the "Add New" button. After filling this out. Go back to the "Stores & Orders" page and you'll see your Store API key there among the store details.

Hopefully this helps anyone who was having the same issue. Thanks.

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