Can I actually ship with this api

Posted in General by Todd Kneib Thu Feb 04 2016 20:59:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 859 times

Our manufacturing software already has a shipping screen, and one of our manufacturers would like to change from using Endicia Server for printing the labels. They found your website and asked me to give them a quote on how to print labels using ShippingEasy. Does your api allow me to post an order, ship it, and receive the label image (or ZPL code (zebra printer) for the label). I think they saw the low prices you have for USPS and think we can just integrate it.
Jack Ship
Feb 4, 2016

The ShippingEasy does not currently provide the ability to return a shipping label. It is instead of order insert/management and querying.

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