Shipment notification callback troubleshooting

Posted in General by DirectSalesPortal Sun Apr 10 2016 19:29:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 1,026 times

Im working on creating a new Shipping Easy API integration. Creating orders seems to be functioning, but when shipping orders im getting the 'There was an error notifying your store that this order has shipped' error. The store endpoint is setup for POST and SSL as described in the documentation. Is there a way I can see what error Shipping Easy is getting when it tries to notify my endpoint? On my endpoint im just storing the body and returning, but i see no evidence of any connection attempt from ShippingEasy when i retry the notifications(from the shipment history page).
Alex Clavelle
Dec 18, 2017

Is your store hosted on a publicly accessible server or are you developing locally? I found that when developing locally and using a local tunnel service such as localtunnel or ngrok, i had to proxy to the http version of my site instead of https version.

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