Can I set an order to Ready to Ship?

Posted in General by Jay Converse Mon May 23 2016 17:24:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 507 times

I'm working on an ERP integration with high volume shipments, and I need to reduce all mouse-clicks and user interaction to a minimum. I'm using the DotNet library, and would like to have all my orders set as "Ready to Ship" instead of the default "Awaiting Shipment", then I can pop-up the page and have the users make the final selections. Is this possible? If not, then we can't use this product.
Jack Ship
May 23, 2016

hi Jay,

Please note that the order status value you are specifying when you send in an order via the ShippingEasy API is intended to reflect the status of the order in the store that provided that order (as described here:

That's a distinct value from the workflow state within ShippingEasy (ready_to_shipped, shipped, etc).

Our API does not support modifying the workflow state, however, there are other options that will achieve the same automated end result.

ShippingEasy provides shipping rules for automating operations such as carrier/service/packaging assignment. You can even define a shipping rule so that at the end of the order intake process, ShippingEasy will automatically create a shipment for the order. See for more information.

Your application could then query the order API to find out the resulting shipment ID, which would allow you to create the type of URL you described in your post.

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