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Posted in General by Travis Uribe Fri May 27 2016 18:52:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)·5·Viewed 614 times

Is there a field or combination of fields in the API for creating an order that one can use to prefill the Carrier Information fields? Specifically I'd like to have the "Carrier" and "Carrier Service" prefilled based on the data I send when I use the API to submit the order to ShippingEasy. You can see the fields I'm talking about by following these steps: 1) Create an order through the API 2) Go to 3) Select that order and then click "Create Shipments" 5) Click the "Shipments" tab which should now have a badge indicating the number of ready-to-ship orders 6) Look under the Carrier Information header inside the Carrier Selection pane.
Jack Ship
May 27, 2016

hi Travis

The Orders API is for order information only, so there is no way to directly specify carrier selections.

But please note, we have tools that will help you automate the selection of a specific carrier/service/packaging for an order. Our shipping rules are applied to new orders as they are added to ShippingEasy, so you could define shipping rules that would make those carrier selections automatically. For more information, please see:

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Travis Uribe
May 27, 2016

ShippingEasy allows only 10 saved domestic and international selections, each. A single selection will be used up for each combination of carrier, carrier service, and packaging. Unfortunately that number of variations is too restrictive to reflect the number of products and shipping options we allow our customers to choose from.

Jack Ship
May 28, 2016

hi Travis,

ShippingEasy actually allows an unlimited number of saved domestic and international saved carrier/service/packaging selections. There is a limit to the number of those that can be displayed in an action menu on the Orders page, but the actual number of saved entries is unlimited.

Travis Uribe
May 31, 2016

What about the number of shipping rules? How many of those can I have? Because I need one rule for each selection

Jack Ship
June 1, 2016

The limit on the number of shipping rules is 75.

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