Thank you for using the ShippingEasy APIs.

The ShippingEasy API allows customers and partners to exchange information with the ShippingEasy system. This includes searching existing orders or creating new orders in a ShippingEasy account.

If you are working on developing an integration between ShippingEasy and an e-commerce platform, the customer API provide all the resources you need to implement your integration.


Looking for an API only shipping solution?

The ShippingEasy API is designed to supplement your ShippingEasy account or to build an integration between your custom store platform and ShippingEasy. The typical workflow is to use the API to send orders to ShippingEasy, then use the web interface to process and ship those orders. If you are interested in building an API only integration and not using the ShippingEasy web UI, we suggest looking at our sister company ShipEngine which offers a robust, full-featured API for shipping and logistics.