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Product Information

Each order contains one or more line items and each line item specifies a product. If additional information about the product has been specified in the ShippingEasy product catalog, then that additional information will be included if the optional includes=products parameter is specified.

The additional information is in the product node within the lineitems node. Here is an example of a line_items node when the _includes=products parameter was specified.

"line_items": [
              "item_name": "Alias Name",
              "sku": "alias-1-sku",
              "bin_picking_number": "bin-111",
              "bundled_product": null,
              "weight_in_ounces": "16.0",
              "quantity": 1,
              "total_excluding_tax": "33.00",
              "price_excluding_tax": "0.00",
              "unit_price": "33.00",
              "ext_line_item_id": null,
              "ext_product_id": null,
              "product_options": null,
              "uuid": "a5c9a0f5-76f8-44c2-83f9-33e575036431",
              "order_source_id": 403009,
              "gift_message": null,
              "product": {
                "id": 19409,
                "description": "The master SKU",
                "sku": "master-sku-1",
                "weight_in_ounces": "16.0",
                "bin_picking_number": "bin-111",
                "upc": "UPC-0929",
                "asin": "ASIN-3292",
                "isbn": "ISBN-2929",
                "length_as_inches": "4.0",
                "width_as_inches": "3.0",
                "height_as_inches": "3.0",
                "country_of_manufacture": "United States of America",
                "harmonized_code": "008080",
                "declared_value": "99.00",
                "active": true,
                "sku_aliases": [
                "properties": [
                "product_category_name": "Mens T-Shirts"