These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v1.2.

You may configure EasyShip to execute callback functions on the success or failure of a shipment label's generation. As each shipment label is submitted for purchase on your page, a poller will monitor the statuses for all pending labels until generation has completed.

A successful label generation will trigger the .success() callback function and, likewise, a failure to generate a label will trigger the .failure() function.

Example configuration

To enable this feature, you must set a polling interval in milliseconds, with a minimum of 500ms.


By default the success and failure functions do nothing, so you will need to customize them. A JSON object representing the shipment will be passed into the callback functions and is identical to the payload sent via the EasyShip webhooks.

  EasyShip.success = function (shipment) {
	  console.log("Success: " + shipment.tracking_number);

  EasyShip.failure = function (shipment) {
	  console.log("Failure: " + shipment.order_number);

Example JSON payload

   "carrier_service":"Priority Mail (2-3 days)",
      "name":"EasyShip Test Customer",
      "email":"[email protected]"