These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v1.2.

To retrieve multiple orders, call the findAll() method on the Order resource class.

$order = new ShippingEasy_Order();

If successful the call will return a JSON hash included an array of orders and a hash metadata detailing the conditions used in the search as well as pagination details regarding the response.

Filtering Parameters


The page to return in the paginated result set.

The number of result to include per pagein the paginated result set. Defaults to 50 if not specified and the maximum number of results returned per page is 200.

Filters the results by the orders' last updated at timestamp and only returns results with a timestamp newer than or equal to the specified value. Defaults to 1 week ago if not specified. The maxiumum time this value can be set to is 3 months ago.
statusString or Array

Filters the results by the orders' ShippingEasy order status. Defaults to "shipped". Possible values are "shipped" , "cleared", and "ready_for_shipment". It is possible to pass an array of statuses, e.g. ["shipping", "ready_for_shipment"].
includesAdds information to the response. Specifying includes=products will deliver additional information (if available) about each product in the order.
order_numberThe external_order_identifier to search for

Filtering Example

$order = new ShippingEasy_Order();
$order->findAll(array("page" => 1, "per_page" => 1, "status" => array("ready_for_shipment", "shipped"), "last_updated_at" => "2014-05-07 14:42:18 UTC"));

An example JSON response may be found here:

Filtering by Store Example

If you would like to filter your results to a specific store, initialize your object with the store api key:

$order = new ShippingEasy_Order("d8821dde1d32f408def40b77273d5c11");
$order->findAllByStore(array("page" => 1, "per_page" => 1, "status" => array("ready_for_shipment", "shipped"), "last_updated_at" => "2014-05-07 14:42:18 UTC"));

Possible Exceptions


Your credentials could not be authenticated.


The orders retrieved for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The API timestamp could not be parsed.

The exception will contain a message that indicates which of these conditions failed.